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Noragami Season 3 Where Can I Watch Noragami 3? Do Yato and Hiyori End Up Together? Renewal Status, Release Date, Plot and Who’s Returning?

Source: Gizmo Blaze

Noragami, an anime series based on the manga comics, which goes by the same name last release the 2nd part of the series back in October 2015. Now it has been more than four years, and fans are waiting for its 3rd season more eagerly.


This series follows a poor deity named Yato, who dreams of becoming a famous god and his adventures with a human girl named Hiyori, whose soul frequently leaves her body, and Yukine, a young wandering soul whom he adopts as his weapon.


Since the 3rd part isn’t released yet, you have to wait for a while since it is available on certain streaming platforms.

Source: Pop Culture Times

As of now, you can watch the first to seasons of this manga-based anime on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. Note that in some regions, they are not available as telecasting rights for there may be owned by someone else.

Episodes are available in subbed and dubbed category.


There is no commitment between these two. But Hiyori and Yato do have feelings for each other. There are lots of cute and sweet moments between them. So far, in the series, none of them has confessed it to each because they end up too shy or rivalry issues came in between.


Hiroshi Kamiya’s voice will manage Yato as usual, similarly Yuki Kaji as Yukine and Maya Uchida as Hiyori are going to play their character’s voices.

Source: HITC


The Noragami Team hasn’t made any official statement till now for its 3rd installment. No new updates have been given by the makers till now. There is no official premiere of the anime in 2020 as of now.

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Anime Spoiler And News

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