Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings IMDb, Release Update, Plot, Is Shang-Chi Based On Bruce Lee? Who Are The New Villains In Shang-Chi?

We have great news for all the Marvel fans in the house. Oh, we really do. ‘ShangChi and the legend of the 10 rings’ is going to come out really soon. For the people who have read the comics are really excited about Shang Chi, I know that I am. So here’s some information for the noobs.

Who is Shang Chi?

Shang-Chi first appeared in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #15. He is the son of a world crime lord. Trained from birth to become a living weapon, he became the world’s greatest martial artist. A noble spirit, he eventually came to renounce his father’s empire. Seeking to get away from his father’s reach, he emigrated to New York where he worked as a floor sweeper at Wu’s Fish Market in Chinatown.

Feeling that the denizens of the latest York’s Chinatown needed someone to guard them, he and his friend Danny Rand were drawn into the gang war between the Kingpin who is Wilson Fisk, and Hammerhead after the latter targeted him to win over the Chinatown gangs to his cause.


Release Update, Plot, Is Shang-Chi Based On Bruce Lee?

So we have a Tony Stark villain as the main antagonist in the movie. Yeah, now the ten rings make sense right. We get to see the real Mandarin in this movie. Ever since IronMan 3 came out, the fans were a little disappointed with the character. The real Mandarin is an ancient warrior who is in search of the ten rings that give him immense power.

In short, he is the Chinese version of Thanos. Shang Chi was created as a character only so that Bruce Lee could play the part in a Marvel movie and the skill sets were the same but since the legend is no more, Simu Liu will be playing the part. Tony Leung Chiu-Wai will be Mandarin in the movie.


The movie is supposed to come out on 11th February 2021 but has been stopped mid-production because of the Pandemic. We hope it will resume production and release the Movie on time.


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