The Alienist Season 2 How Many Episodes Are In The Alienist Season 2? Release Date,Cast And Plot Revealed ? Have The Babies Gone Missing In The New Alienist 2 Prom?

The Alienist series is set in 1896, New York. Series is based on the best selling book of the same name by Caleb Carr. The series was launched on 22 Jan 2018 with a total of 10 episodes which ‘s running time is 40-50 minutes.

The show is a historical Drama, the conspiracy of murders which are done ritualistically. This never seen before ritualistic killer murdering makes this series different from other killing and historical Drama. It’s not based on true events.

How Many Episodes Are In The Alienist Season 2?

The second season would consist of the same no of episodes like the previous season. Also, “Every episode is like a small movie because the production values are so high, you can’t watch one straight after the other. You have to absorb what you have seen because it’s beautifully done. But I’m sure many people will still binge it.”

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Release Date

Just after few months of first season’s end, the show was renewed for the second season in August 2018. The creators didn’t give any official release date yet. But we hope it to be released within this year.


The main cast is returning to solve the mystery behind the killings and kidnapping once more time.

  • Daniel Bruhl As Dr. Laszlo kreizler(the eponymous)
  • Luke Evans As John Moore
  • Dakota Fanning As Sara Howard.

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This time show would have a new showrunner confirmed by Sarah Aubry, executive vice president of original programming at TNT said, “Frank Pugliese has been announced as showrunner. Following the tremendous success of The Alienist, we are excited to welcome an immensely talented and accomplished showrunner who could not only do justice to Caleb Carr’s popular sequel but also add a unique point of view”.

Plot Revealed?

Season 2 would continue the story with the sequel of the original novel named The Angel of Darkness, and season 2 would have the same title as novel.

In season 2, we may able to find the real culprit behind all the murders. The trio of Dr., John, and Sara would come again together to solve more mysteries this season. Also will highlight the topic of Corruption of Institution, income inequality, the role of woman in society,

The Babies Gone Missing In The New Alienist 2 Prom?

A Spanish dignitary’s baby daughter got kidnapped, shown in an extended promo released by TNT.

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