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Indiana Jones 5 Is CONFIRMED! Check Out The Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More

When it comes to Indiana Jones, no introduction is necessary. The entire world is familiar with the hit franchise created by George Lucas. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the first installment in the series way back in 1981. Since then, we have witnessed 4 spectacular movies in the Indiana Jones franchise.

Indiana Jones is the story of a professor of archeology, Indiana Jones, who is always in search of lost artifacts. His search takes him to the remotest corners of the world. Based on the adventures of Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones, Jr, a replacement for Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones) is yet to be found.

To date, we have seen 4 installments in that world-acclaimed the franchise. The previous installment released way back in 2008. And since then, the fans are desperately waiting for Indiana Jones 5. For them, we have some news that Indiana Jones 5 is officially happening. However, Steven Spielberg won’t be directing the film this time around. Although, he will be producing the fifth installment. James Mangold, known for hits like Logan, Ford Vs Ferrari, and The Wolverine, will be directing Indiana Jones 5.

Release Date

It took almost a decade for the creators to announce the fifth part. Therefore, it means we will have some more to witness Indiana Jones on the screen again. The film was scheduled to release in June 2019 after its announcement in 2017. However, due to scripting issues, that couldn’t happen. And due to the current pandemic, Disney has reshuffled every major project including Indiana Jones 5. The film will now release on July 29, 2022

What Will Be The Plot For The New Film?

Indiana Jones has always had an eye for lost or missing artifacts having the utmost significance. This interest of his has taken him to remotest corners of the world in search of adventure. Therefore, it will be interesting to see where the Professor of Archeology takes us for his next adventure. But this could very well be the last time we see Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones on the big screen.

Steven Spielberg won’t be returning as the director this time. He will, however, produce the new film. Rumors suggested that the new installment is going to be a reboot. However, Kathleen Kennedy has assured the fans that the next film is NOT going to be a reboot. This means Indiana Jones 5 can pick up after the events of the Crystal Skull. If this is the case, the film can be set in the 1960s, which was America’s most turbulent period.


It is a no brainer that Harrison Ford will reprise his character as Indiana Jones one last time. Although, there have no details about the rest of the cast members who are a part of the film. But we do know for sure that Shia Labeouf, who played Mutt Williams, in the last movie, won’t be a part of the project. Similarly, Karen Allen, who plays Marion, is also doubtful about returning the cast.

However, John Rhys Davids, who played Sallah in Raiders Of The Last Ark and The Last Crusade, has expressed his interest in joining the cast. Mark Hamill, known for Star Wars, has expressed his desire to be cast as the villain in the upcoming movie.

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