Killing Eve Season 4 Will The Former Lover Return ? Release Date, Cast, Revenge Twist. What Is The 12 In Killing Eve?

While we have indulged in new concepts of sitcoms and web series, sometimes all we want is the classic formulas of tv shows. Spy thrillers are the Maggi Masala of the content industry. Its always there to cheer you up when you get bored with experimental food. Killing Eve is one such formula in our collection of suspense thrillers. In the series, Eve Polastri is the protagonist, played by Sandra Oh. She is given a task to capture a psychopathic assassin Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer. The story based on the Villanelle novel by Luke Jennings. In the series both the characters get obsessed and try to get the best of each other which has created this never-ending chase.

Will The Former Lover Return?

So this absurd dark comedy might take a turn in the next season which might lead to Villanelle’s former lovers or at least one of them returning. Suzanne Heathcote, the head writer of the series might have led on the fans to a very specific plot hole which was talking about Villanelle’s wife, Maria. The shocking finale of season three left us guessing when Eve and Villanelle sorted out their differences. We never thought that would happen.

What Is The 12 In Killing Eve?

See, if you’re still asking about this, you need to pay more attention. The Twelve is a weird name for an assassin organization. The Twelve is also known as the Dozen Incorporated and it recruits assassins for killing specific people. Villanelle was completely unaware that she was a part of it.

Release Date & Cast

I’m not a fan of cliffhangers, to be honest, you know it takes a whole year to get the next season. And the more confusing the last scene is, the more the fans think about it for a whole year. So Carolyn killed Paul Bradwell an original member of the Twelve. Konstantine is on the run. Eve and Villanelle are on talking terms or at least not shooting each other in the head terms. So I don’t think the fans can wait too long for the next season. Here’s some good news for the fans, The cast will resume, maybe with someone whos going to return for revenge and it’s going to come out in April 2021.

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