Cole Sprouse Did Cole Sprouse And Lili Reinhart Actually Split Up? Who Is Cole Quarantined With? Has Cole Sprouse Been Arrested?!

Recently, it was revealed that Riverdale actors Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse had broken up, and now we bring you the latest report about what went wrong. According to many people close to the couple, they weren’t quarantining together, and the distance during the pandemic was too much for them to handle and eventually decided to split up.

They were thrilled with each other when ‘Riverdale’ was shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak. Still, they quarantined separately, and that never has a good thing for their relationship.  Things always seem good when they are in constant contact with each other, but just like any other couple, the growing distance affected them deeply.

When they could not isolate together, they realized immediately that it wasn’t going to work.

Source: Vogue Australia

Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart may have recently broken up with, but he’s spending his time in quarantine with another one of his Riverdale costars. While having a virtual interview later, he revealed that he was living with Kj Apa in Los Angeles during the pandemic and even shed light on how the epidemic will affect the teen drama series.

Sprouse was taking part in a peaceful demonstration on 2nd June but was detained by the police along with several other protestors. As the many US cities were doing, Santa Monica too had seen many demonstrations to protest the death of George Floyd.
In an Instagram post, Cole explained that his arrest should not be the reason to distract the media from the narrative of other protestors and ended the job with a mention of “Black Lives Matter”.

He was asked to leave the city in the next four hours by the police before the deadline of curfew expired. As he and his compatriots left the police station, they were detained again by another line of police.

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