Young Justice Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Trailer Updates. Will There Be A Season 4 Of Young Justice? How Many Seasons Of Young Justice Will Be There?


Is Young Justice season 4 happening?

After first appearing on the Cartoon Network in 2010, Young Justice revolved around a team of six teenage superheroes that helped the members of the Justice League, then developed their group and acted as agents for their mentors. The series was a super hit and earned amazing ratings, but had to be canceled because the show was had targeted young children as their audience but their classic comic references appealed more to the teens and young adults.

Official News

Young Justice season 4 is officially on! The announcement was made Comic-Con 2019 in San Diego. It will only air in the USA for now and has been recapped by DCU from Warner Bros.

When will it air?

While the producers have already confirmed that production has already begun, they could not reveal any timeline about when the fans might expect to see the next season. No official release date has been set. We still can expect it to come out in late 2020.

The Plot

Details about the plot have been minimal but it was revealed that the new season would focus on Beast Boy’s new Outsiders team. It was also confirmed that the fight to end the trafficking of metahuman teenagers would remain a priority.


The producers, Weisman and Vietti, assured everyone that Lex Luthor will have a central role in the show as The Light.

The roster of heroes will increase. McCartney will return to voice Dick Grayson, Khary Payton will return as Kaldur. Nolan North will be the Superboy and Stephaine Lemelin is the latest addition for an anonymous character. Jason Spisak will also return as Wally West.

We’re certain that the series will again attract a lot of audience from the young adult section as they have been long waiting for another season of the show they watched in their early teens.


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