Hotel Transylvania 4 Relaesing This Summer, New Trailer Released Today

Hotel Transylvania is an American comedy animated movie created by Sony Pictures Animation. Sony released three franchises of the movie and ready to launch the 4th movie. The first movie released in 2012, the second movie released in 2015, and the third movie released in 2018. All three movies were hit and did great at the box office with a total collection of $1.3 billion worldwide.

Hotel Transylvania is the Story of monsters which include Vampires, Mummies, Werewolves, Dead-men, and more monsters like them. The Story revolves around a Vampire known as Mr. Dracula(Voice-Adam Sandler) and his daughter Mavis(voice-Selena Gomez). Mr. Dracula runs his own Hotel, which is different from any other hotel because this Hotel is for monsters only. Humans are not allowed in here. His hotel ‘Hotel Transylvania’ is situated far from human reach, in a dark forest. Monsters come here to enjoy their vacations peacefully. The Story turns when Mavis fell in love with a human and gives birth to a human+vampire mix baby boy. he’s half-human and half-vampire.

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Confirmed Release Date

Hotel Transylvania 4 was all set to release on 22 December 2021 but got postponed due to the world crisis of Covid-19. The production of the movie stopped abruptly because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

That’s why Sony announced the new release date of his world-famous animated movie that is 6 August 2021.

How Is The Storyline Connected To Hotel Transylvania 3?

The 4th movie will start from where the 3rd movie ended. In the 3rd movie we saw that all the monsters go on a summer vacation on a luxuries Cruise Where Mr. Dracula fell in love with Cruise’s captain named Erica; who’s the granddaughter of his old big enemy. Later Erica too feels love for him and decides to get together.

They come back to their Hotel where Mr. Dracula proposes to Erica and she says yes! So storyline may include how Erica and Mr. Dracula manage to stay together with their ongoing duty of Hotel and Cruise.

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What Happens In Hotel Transylvania 4?

The Production house didn’t reveal anything regarding Hotel Transylvania 4. So guessing what will happen in 4th movie is like gambling. But we are definitely going to see more of the Father-Daughter duo.

Will everything goes well between them with the marriage of Dracula, is quite a question we will be answered in the 4th movie.

The relation between Mavis and her new Stepmother will be explored in the next movie.

How Old Is Mavis In Human Years?

According to the first movie ‘Hotel Transylvania’ Mavis is 118 years old but her father treats her like an 18 years old little doll which she doesn’t like.

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She wants to see the world and travel to different countries. She wants to explore the world outside the Hotel.

Meet the Voice Artist of the film

  • Adam Sandler As Dracula

  • David Spade As Griffin

  • Chrissy Teigen As Crystal

  • Mel Brooks As Vlad

  • Keegan Michael Key As Murray

  • KathrynHahn As Erica Van Helsing

People Also Ask

Question: Is Hotel Transylvania 4 Scary for 4-year-old?

Hotel Transylvania is definitely not scary for a 4-year-old. It is a fun film that small kids can watch. It is definitely a family entertainer and you can show them to your young kids.

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