One Punch Man Season 3 Is the Official Trailer Out? What Is The Story Of The ‘Unique Hero’? Can Saitama Die? How Many Episodes Are There?

If you are an anime enthusiast, you ought to be waiting on updates about season 3 of One Punch Man. It might not have a set release date yet, but that didn’t stop the dedicated fan base on going full ham on the theories and predictions for the next season. The pandemic brought so many unfathomable cons, including the delay of our favorite shows. Like any other upcoming season, season 3 of One Punch Man’s production is put on hold too.

Is the Official Trailer Out?

It’s been a four decades contrast between the past seasons of One-Punch Man. So it is problematic for sure. With no confirmation, we as a whole can do anticipate that season 3 is going to be in 2021 or 2020 to be optimistic. There are not any trailer upgrades thus far, but we hope one comes soon, at least as a hope to cling on.

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What Is The Story Of The ‘Unique Hero’?

The protagonist of the story here isn’t portrayed in a normie rise from the ashes way. On the other hand, “One Punch Man” is an all-powerful hero who can defeat all his enemies with a single punch. And is determined to find a more challenging nemesis because he is bored with his overwhelming power. Ah, must be beautiful, right?

So in this story, we have two associations—first the Hero Association and the Monster Association. Saitama, who is the all-powerful protagonist of the story, comes from a different planet. He then joins the Hero Association to fight off monsters and other beings who were trying to destroy Earth. Joining him in his quest is Genos, a cyborg who is seeking revenge against another cyborg who killed off his family and destroyed his hometown.

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As the monster grows stronger, Garo, a former hero, changes sides and starts killing heroes. In between all this, the Monster Association recruits new fighters promising them “Monster cells,” which turn them into monsters with amazing abilities. They also kidnap the son of the Hero Association executive. To save the child, the heroes attack City Z, the headquarters of the Monster Association, which also appears to be the home of Saitama.

Other questions remain unanswered until we can get updates on the same.

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