Pinocchio What Is It About? What’s The Meaning Of Pinocchio? What’s The Real Story Of Pinocchio? Where Can I Watch It? How Did Pinocchio Die?

Pinocchio is the fictional boy made from wood whose nose gets longer with each lie he tells. The story starts with a Wood-carver Geppetto who carves a mysterious piece of wood into the image of a boy. Ere he apprehends what is occurring, the boy comes to life. However his troubles start immediately – Pinocchio cannot lie without his nose growing, and a wicked puppeteer wants to capture him.
From the story, The Adventures of Pinocchio 1881 (Le avventure di Pinocchio, 1881) Given by the Italian author Carlo Collodi is most likely created from pino ‘pine’ and occhio ‘eye’. Pino is also an acronym of Giuseppina, the diminutive for Giuseppe or the Italian form of Joseph.

In the Original Story, it is told that Pinocchio killed Jiminy Cricket. And even got his feet burnt off, and was garrotted and left for dead. You should already know that Disney has a habit of taking obscure, twisted children’s fairy tales and turning them into sickeningly sweet happily-ever-afters.


Pinocchio was a real chump. He is believed to be kicking Geppetto before he is even done carving him. Soon after, a talking cricket tries to warn Pinocchio about bad behavior, it is seen that the animated puppet executes it with a hammer. While it is later revealed that he didn’t seem to feel bad about killing the cricket. But later he did seem to regret not taking the cricket’s advice as he runs into more and more trouble. At last, karma catches up to Pinocchio and he gets his feet burned off. He is given a new pair by the carver but nothing seems to change the ills in him. Later it is the Karma that gets him hanged by the Fox and the Cat.

This was supposed to be the end but the newspaper editor wanted a happily ever after and that’s where the blue fairy came in to save the puppet.

The movie is online on Netflix and other streaming platforms as well.

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