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Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2 Release Date , Plot, Cast, Trailer and What Exciting Updates Are Here? Why It Hasn’t Aired Yet? Is Season 3 Confirmed?

The Rising of The Shield Hero is an anime series that is based on the novel series which also goes by the same name. it was written by Aneko Yusagi. Its series adaption was introduced in June 2017.

Thereafter, a 25- episode series was released in January 2019.


Despite the news of the renewal of the show a long time ago, still, makers haven’t informed for the second season. It seems like we have to wait for more for any update about the launch date for the series.


The first season of this anime followed Naofumi Lawatni and his way to become a planet cardinal hero in a parallel universe along with his folks. They are told that this world is being tortured by the monsters and needs to be battled against them for the betterment of it. Naofumi was equipped with a legendry shield.

There has been no official announcement about how the story will proceed to the 2nd season. However, it will probably proceed where it left off previously.


The voice cast of Rising of The Shield Hero’s second season includes Billy Kameez, Brianna Knickerbocker, and Erica Mendez.


The show has been confirmed for the 2nd season but no official release date has been announced.

The show is back with a 25-episode batch this time too. The makers said that it would be out about one year later than the previous one. So, by this math, we can make a hard guess that it should be out in near about October or November.


No trailer has been introduced to the fans till now for the season 2 of the anime.


The show wasn’t even expected to be out till now. Moreover, like every other series nowadays, Rising of The Shield Hero has also suffered the global coronavirus pandemic.


Yes, season 3 was announced along with the 2nd season. But there are no further notifications released about it.

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Anime Spoiler And News

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