Diego Simeone What Is Diego Simeone Also Known As? Does Diego Simeone Speak English? Did He Play With Torres? What Was Diego’s Biggest Managerial Success

Talking about Diego Simeone, also known as El Cholo is an Argentine football manager and former player, who played as a midfielder. Not only that, but he has also been the manager of Atlético Madrid since December 2011.

What was his most significant managerial success?

He’s been a manager since 2011, but he was also a good player.

He’s considered as a legendary figure in Atlético Madrid. He has been looked up by everyone due to his achievements as a player as well as a manager with them.

Source: Daily Mail

In 2011, he and his team won their first UEFA Europa League. They took home their second win in 2012, winning UEFA Super Cup. And this didn’t stop here. He has multiple awards under his(and his team’) neck like Copa Del Rey, 2018 UEFA Europa League Final, and others.

Simeone played with Torres?

Simeone played alongside Torres at Atletico Madrid. Two legends in one frame. He paid tribute to his former teammate Fernando when he retired. Simeone has some perfect things to say about his former teammate, “Fernando is knowledgeable, an absolute legend of football. He’s earned his place in the sport through hard work, commitment, and respect for others”.

“He’s always had a great personality, as a person and player,” Simeone said.

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