The Dragon Prince Season 4 Official Release Date, Plot, Cast Characters And All You Need To Know. Will There Be A Season 4 Of The Dragon Prince?

After the enormous success of Avatar: The Last Airbender, the head writer Aaron Ehasz and The Uncharted game director Justin Richmond came together to develop Netflix’s The Dragon Prince. After episodes of buildup, Season 3 ended in a battle between the humans and the elves,  ending on a major cliffhanger.

Season 4 Release Date

The series has not yet been officially renewed by Netflix again, but we expect Dragon Prince Season 4 to come this summer.

The first three seasons were released one after the other, but it has taken some time for the ground running for the fourth season.

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We have reasons to believe that the fourth season might not happen at all after The Dragon Prince co-creators Aaron Ehasz was accused of sexist behavior towards his female employees and also a possible case of harassment. Many female employees like Danika Harrod spoke about it publicly, terming working under him a ‘painful experience.’ The allegations were shared by two other employees.


However, despite the allegations, we are still hopeful that the animated show will come back for a fourth season on Netflix. We might see more of the mystical land of Nadia, the war on politics, and more about the mysterious Sunfire Elves.

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The story is about the magical land of Xadia, in which magic is created from six chief sources: Sun, Moon, Stars, Stars, Earth, and Ocean. Ages ago, the dragons, elves, and humans of Xadia lived together. However, humans were unable to use the magic naturally and then resorted to dark occult magic.

As a result, they move to the west and split the continent into two parts divided by a massive river of lava. This results in a rivalry between elves and humans. Three kids named Tarzan, his half-brother Callum and the Moonstone Assassin Elf Rayla come from another clan.

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They go on a mission to stop the upcoming war. They work to bring peace to both worlds full of magic and fantasy.

The Cast

The cast members who will return are Jack DeSena as Callum, Paula Burrows as RaylaJesse Inocalla as SorenSasha, Rojen as EzranErik, Todd Dellums as Aaravos, Racquel Belmonte as Claudia, and Jason Simpson as Viren.

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