Venom 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Trailer! Is Spider-Man Going To Be In Venom 2? What Happened At The End Of Venom?

Venom released in theatres in October 2018. The American superhero film is based on the Marvel character by the same name. Venom was originally introduced in
Spider-Man 3 (2007) as one of the three villains. However, Sony has now brought a separate installment for the comic character. But this time, Sony has given the superhero a completely different backstory.

Venom tells the story Eddie Brock, a journalist who was fired from The Daily Bugle. He now works as a freelance journalist. However, while investigating the CEO of The Life Foundation, he comes across something deadly and dangerous. While investigating the experiments of human trials, he accidentally gets infected with an alien symbiote. This alien symbiote alters Eddie’s DNA thus transforming into the superhero Venom.

With an IMDb rating 6.7/10 and the Tomatometer at 29%, the movie failed to make it big in terms of audience and critics. It made a collection of $85.61 crores at the worldwide box office. The film wasn’t received well by the audience and was marred by poor reviews. And now, the people are eagerly waiting for the sequel.

Release Date

The sequel was confirmed right back in 2018 when the prequel was released. However, Sony has made NO official announcement regarding the release date of Venom 2. The film was originally supposed to release in October 2020. However, the coronavirus pandemic has halted every major production. This has delayed the film by almost a year.
Venom: Let There Be Carnage will now release on July 25, 2021

What Happened At The End Of Venom?

The first film ended with Eddie/Venom taking down Carlton Drake, the CEO of Life Foundation. We witnessed a great fight between Venom and Riot/Carlton with Venom coming out on top. Eddie reconciles with Michelle and has got his job back as a journalist. However, the symbiote/Venom is still a part of Venom’s body and no one except Eddie knows about it.

Venom 2: Plot

After taking down Riot in the first installment, Eddie had to sacrifice Venom. However, that wasn’t the case as Venom was alive and still a part of Eddie. Eddie has finally got his job back as a freelance journalist.

However, the post-credit scene revealed Venom’s new opponent in the form of Carnage/Cletus Kassidy. After Riot in part 1, we can see a dangerous amount of action between Venom and Carnage in the second part. However, the cast and the crew have been tightly lipped regarding the plot details of Venom 2. 

Who Is Carnage/Cletus Kassidy?

Just like Venom, Carnage is a fictional superhero in the Marvel Cinematic and Comic universe. He is known as a recurring character known to appear in several Marvel comics over the years. Carnage was once a serial killer by the name of Cletus Kassidy. However, he merges with Venom’s offspring during a prison breakout. The symbiote amplified his psychotic nature making him even less mentally stable than he had been previously, and therefore even more dangerous.

Is Spider-Man A Part Of Venom 2?

Tom Hardy recently teased Spider-Man’s appearance in Venom 2 in his Instagram post. However, he later deleted the post. There is a chance that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man could be a part of Venom 2. Seeing that Venom and Morbius are both connected to the MCU, Sony could find a slot to squeeze in the web-slinger.

Venom 2: Cast

With no major exits, a majority of the cast is expected to reprise their roles in Venom 2. This is how the cast stands:

  • Tom Hardy as Eddie/Venom
  • Woody Harrelson as Carnage/Cletus Kassidy
  • Michelle Willaims as Anne
  • Reid Scott as Dan
  • Naomie Harris as Shriek
  • Stephen Graham (Character Unknown)
  • Tom Holland as Spider-Man (Unconfirmed)

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