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Young Justice Season 4 What Was Young Justice Season 3 About? When Is The New Season Coming? Does Netflix Have Young Justice Season 4?


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Cartoon Network fans do we have any in here, Yes we do. Does anyone remember this bundle of joy in a show? Yes, I’m talking about Young justice. This show had literally everything in it. Starting from the action, nostalgia, superheroes, highschool romance, gadgets, and did I mention robot pets. Yeah, there’s a  shapeshifting sphere and a wolf.

What Was Young Justice Season 3 About?

So young Justice is a group of superhero sidekicks who have teamed up to train and become the next Justice League. The original members of the team were Robin, Superboy, Aqualad, Artemis, Kidflash, and  Miss Martian. Roy Harper was initially a member but left for greater challenges in life. This show was so well writtenthat the fans loved the story and there were forums even after season 3 got initially canceled.

So in season three, ‘The light’ a secret supervillain organization teams up with Darkseid and starts a Metahuman trafficking racket. Later on, Darkseid doublecrosses them to keep the anti-life equation for himself. Violet is the secret key to the Anti Life Equation and a member of Young Justice now. So the team has to protect her from Darkseid and the light. But towards the end, we see that the team is recruiting new heroes and everything is silent and nice for once.

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Season 4

The Final Episode shows a faceless waitress walk with a Legion of Superheroes ring on her finger. The fans would definitely know what this is leading us to. Its time to bring them back. A little interdimensional travel might be in our hands here.

The Young Justice is going to need all the help they can get if Darkseid is successful in finding the Anti Life equation and it would be great to see the old superheroes in color if they do return. The end credits scene has Lobo crushing an offspring which grew out of his finger, what is that all about.


Oh, the next season holds a lot of weird and crazy adventures. We expect the trailer to come out in late 2020 or at the start of 2021, so just stay tuned, PS Wally might return from the Speed Force.

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