Frontier Season 4 Release Date, Renewal, Trailer, Cast, Plot And All The Latest News Related To It. What Actually Happened In Frontier Season 3?

Historical drama series Frontier chronicles the North American Fur Trade in 18th Century Canada(Rupert’s Land). Rob Blackie and Peter Blackie co-created the show. Discovery Canada and Netflix co-produced it. The second season they were released on October 18, 2016, and the third on November 23, 2018. The entire third season premiered first on Netflix, before getting broadcasted in Canada.

The series revolves around the North American fur trade in the late 1700s. Declan Harp, the protagonist, is a part-Irish, part-Cree outlaw who is campaigning to rupture the monopoly of Hudson’s Bay Company on the fur trade in Canada. This is because it has become corrupt and engages in illegal activities to endow itself.

Season 4: Production and Release date

Though the previous season aired almost two years ago, Netflix has not yet confirmed the renewal of Season 4. But a little leak might have given things away. In January 2020, Jason Momoa was quoted saying that the series is going to come back and is “gonna get dark.” What ?! Did the protagonist himself just say it?

Source: Honk News

But many other cast members have denied reports. And moreover, nothing officially has been said by Netflix. But since the big guy’s words carry weight for us, we might as well keep our hopes for it.

Cast List:

Well, we don’t actually have a Season 4 yet, but nevertheless, we can make an assumption as to who will be back. Most of the characters should reprise their roles.

  • Jason Momoa- Declan Harp
  • Alun Armstrong- Lord Benton
  • Zoe Boyle- Grace Emberly
  • Jessica Matten- Sokanon
  • Landon Liboiron- Micheal Smyth
  • Greg Bryk- Cobbs Pond

Sean Wei Mah, Graham Abbey, A.C Peterson, and Peter O’ Meara will be seen in supporting roles.

What happened in Frontier Season 3? What might be the plot for Season 4?

Frontier has garnered a lot of attention, especially after the release of the second season. The series is definitely not for the weak-hearted. It has done tremendously well and has fans asking for more. Season 3 ended on a cliffhanger in which we want to know whether Declan’s son is alive.

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We also find Harp struggling to overcome his wounds, which look quite dangerous. Michael has another idea in his mind while he intends to sell fur to Mrs. Currathers. Harp realizes the truth of O’Reilley.

The plot of Season 4 should tend to take off where Season 3 ends. As Season 3 ended with so many questions, we won’t be surprised if Season 4 revolves around answering them. But we will have to wait till Season 4 is actually confirmed.

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