Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life Season 8 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, IMDb And Everything You Need To Know So Far . When Is The Show Coming On TV? How Many Total Seasons Are There?

Everyone likes a drama filled with a lot of love interests and the formula of falling in love with too many people. We have Gilmore Girls an American sitcom for the lovers of some good old drama. It shows the complicated relationship between a single mother and her daughter Rory. I will not call the show basic but it’s for a niche audience.

Release Date

The show has no official confirmation for a release for the 9th season yet but you can find the first 8 seasons on Netflix and we expect the cast to return with some new faces. The first 7 seasons were  called ‘Gilmore Girls’ but the 8th one was a limited series that was called ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’

Season 8 All You Need To Know

So all the ‘Gilmour Girls’ fans have this very specific question. When will Rory choose someone whos more permanent? So the daughter Rory who’s been played by Alexis Bledel has a complicated love life. She’s 32 and is still trying to find someone who actually deserves her. It’s not like she’s a problem finding men, its rather the opposite.

She has a boyfriend Paul played by Jack Carpenter, who is sort of insignificant in the show, she has been with paul for two whole years and still forgets to break up with him. You know you have felt sorry for this guy if you’re a true fan. While Paul is her safety net, she also has an affair with Logan.

She’s really good at boyfriend management. A little backstory about Logan, he was Rory’s ex-boyfriend from Yale. She dumped him but apparently still had feelings. So whenever Rory would go to London for work, they were on but after a final encounter in New Hampshire, they decided to take a break.

But then Dean came in the picture, now you would think he’s a possible love interest, By the way, Dean is played by none other than Jared Padalecki who plays Sam, Dean’s brother in the show ‘Supernatural’. He had to change shows to be a Dean. The Dean in Gilmore Girls turned out to be happily married and with a bunch of kids.

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