Kissing Booth 2 Is The Kissing Booth Based On A Novel? Release Date, Cast, Review And Other Plot Details. Does Noah And Elle Stay Together?

The Kissing Booth is a 2018 teen romantic-comedy-drama film. Its second installment is about to hit the screens of Netflix on 24th July as per now.

The Kissing Booth follows the story of a novel, which goes by the same name, by Beth Reekles. Kissing Booth has already created a special place in its fan’s hearts, and they can’t keep calm for its sequel.

Kissing Booth 2: How Does The Storyline Proceed After the First Part Or What Happens After Noah Is Off to Howard?

According to the second novel of the series, the sequel is expected to be centered on the long-distance relationship shared by the two protagonists Elle and Noah.

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Since Noah is now off to Howard and Elle is now in high school with her best friend Lee, some complications arise due to the close friendship with Elle’s new classmate Marco, a stunning and attractive guy. On the other side, Noah also has come closer to a seamless, beautiful girl in her college.

Now they find themselves in a complex web of relations and in a tough puzzle to make the right decision.

Is the Kissing Booth Based On A Novel?

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Indeed, this movie is best on the best-seller novel by Beth Reekles, which goes by the same name, i.e., “The Kissing Booth.”


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The statement video had lovers worried because he had been nowhere to be seen Jacob Elordi would not be back as Noah Flynn. Elordi was verified to return. A few faces may be observed in the film.

More information regarding it isn’t available as of now. We will update you soon.


As of now, nothing can be said for sure.

But Netflix revealed in an Instagram post that despite leaving for college, he would be back in sequel 4.

Joey King also hinted that they are going to stay together with incoming parts.

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