The Lego Batman Movie 2 Cast, Plot, Official Release Date, Review, And Other Crucial Updates. Is There A Lego Batman Movie 3?

The Lego Batman 2, a sequel to The Lego Batman (2017), is a computer-animated superhero comedy film produced by Warner Animation Group. So lovers of the Lego world, get ready to experience the best movie in Lego of recent times. Let’s dive into all the necessary details one should know about Lego Batman 2!



The main cast includes

– Will Arnett as Batman

– Zach Galifianakis as The Joker

– Michael Cera as Robin

– Rosario Dawson as Barbara Gordon

– Ralph Fiennes as Alfred Pennyworth

– Jenny Slate as Harley Queen

– Hector Elizondo as Commissioner James Gordon

– Lauren White as Chief O’Hara

– Mariah Carey as Mayor McCaskill

– Eddie Izzard as Lord Voldemort

– Seth Green as King Kong

– Jemaine Clement as Sauron and a lot more.

Release Date

A sequel to The Lego Batman was announced in 2018 and was scheduled to release in 2022. But when Universal Pictures acquired the rights to The Lego movie franchise, if it will still be produced is unknown.


Plot and Updates

The first movie, a brainchild of Warner Bros was a grand success and it also obtained an amazing response. It was then decided to renew it for a sequel, although the plot has not been revealed yet. Fans will have to wait patiently to know the storyline of the second movie. No trailer or teaser has been released as of yet.


Is There A Lego Batman Movie 3?

The Lego Batman 2 is not released yet and we have no information if there will be a Lego Batman 3. But make sure to stay updated on the news for The Lego Batman 2.

The Lego Batman movie can be watched on amazon prime video. Stay safe and stay tuned for further updates on Lego Batman 2!

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