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The Dragon Prince Season 4 Official Release Date, Plot, Cast Characters And All You Need To Know. Will There Be A Season 4 Of The Dragon Prince?


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The Dragon Prince is an American- Canadian fantasy computer-animated web television series by  Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond. A total of 3 seasons have been released to date. Talking about how they were received by the critics, most of the comments were positive. The series was appreciated for the perfect balance of darkness and goofiness & obviously the lovable characters won all the hearts. The show was successful at impressing the audience as well as the critics.

The real question is, Is it being renewed for another season? Well, let’s find out.

Is season 4 confirmed? If yes, when?

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Neither Netflix nor the show makers have made any official announcement on the renewal of the show. So, season 4 is still clouded by uncertainty. But they won’t pull the plug just yet.

If it has to release, it’d most likely be out by December 2020s. Well, let’s wait.

Source: visXnews

Where is the trailer?

The trailer for season 4 is yet to be released. Whenever it does, we will inform you.

Cast list?

The main cast, Sasha as Ezran Jack as Callum and Paula as Rayla, is very likely to return. Even the actors who voice Humans, Elves, and animal/magical beats are certain to be making a return.

Any other news?

There are news floating on the internet that a video game for the same is in development. People are guessing this would be a substitute for season 4. Let’s hope it isn’t.

Source: Gizmo Story

Stay tuned for more updates.

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