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Lost In Space Season 3 Release Date,Cast,Plot,Brief Summary And All The Latest News. When Is Lost In Space Season 4 Coming?


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Lost In Space show was first introduced in 1965 which is based on the novel ‘The Swiss Family Robinson’ by Johann David Wyss. It’s a sci-fi family drama and country of origin in the United States.

Now Netflix made the series with same name and genre with modern production and set up. The Netflix series Lost In Space is liked world widely and appreciated as well.

Release Date

The series was renewed for the third season by Netflix on March 9, 2020. And Netflix announced that third and last season of Lost In Space would come in 2021 for the audience.

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The main cast will reprise their roles one more time to take you in the space and give you more exciting adventures to remember.

  • Molly Parker As Maureen Robinson, an aerospace engineer
  • Toby Stephens As John Robinson, a former US Navy SEAL
  • Maxwell Jenkins As Will Robinson, youngest child of Maureen and John Robinson
  • Taylor Russell As Judy Robinson, an elder daughter who’s serving as a mission doctor
  • Mina Sundwall As Penny Robinson, younger daughter of Mr And Mrs Robinson
  • Ignacio Serricchio As Don West, ship mechanic and smuggler of luxury goods
  • Parker Posey As June Harris, A criminal
  • Brian Steele As Robot, an alliance Robot.


We saw in the second season that the Robinson family got attacked by alliance Robots and got split in two. Mr And Mrs Robinson stay to fight with robots while the children were ordered to fly away from there in an attempt to save themselves. In the third and last season, we will see if Robinson parents survived from the robot attack or not. If the family again reunite or not. And many more adventures and twists are waiting for you in season 3.

Brief Summary And All The Latest News

Source: Telegraph Star

The show starts with the take-off of the Robinson family to Jupiter as they selected for the 24th mission of Resolute. They have chosen to find the planet where living of human beings is possible. But the story takes a turn when a family didn’t reach their destination and had to take emergency lending due to an alien robot breaches the Resolute’s hull. The family crashes on a nearby habitable planet. Now they stuck there in a strange environment which they never faced. They have to live there with battling their demons as they were finding a way to return to Resolute.

The maker of show Estrin recently signed a multi-year deal with Netflix. That means we can expect Netflix may release some new shows of the same genre in future for sci-fi lover audience.

When Is Lost In Space Season 4 Coming

Unfortunately, there is not going to be a season 4 of Lost In Space. This is confirmed by the showrunner Zack Estrin himself. He said, “A 3-part epic family adventure with a clear beginning, middle and end”. The show was always a trilogy for the makers.

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