Joe Alwyn and Taylor off for a mountainous vacation to Utah.

Joe Alwyn who is 29years old left the city on August 7 for a little vacation to the mountains and. Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Joe shared a picture of himself on Instagram where we can see him hiking in the mountains of Utah. In the picture we see Joe Alwyn wearing a white basic solid tee shirt, dark blue shorts, sports shoes, and a blue color cap. The picture has a beautiful picturesque scene.

source = joe instagram

Joe Alwyn simply captioned his latest Instagram post with an emoji of mountain type. Girlfriend Taylor Swift is not seen in the picture but we can simply understand that the couple is enjoying their vacation to the fullest.

As per the news sources, the couple is trying to make their most of August after remaining in quarantine due to the widespread Coronavirus pandemic. Taylor Swift lives in Nashville and she went to Utah to spend some quality time with her boyfriend Joe.

Taylor Swift who generally keeps her personal life private told in her Netflix documentary about Joe ” I am also in love with a person who is an amazing person and lives ordinary, balanced and rooted life”Recently, Taylor Swift was seen talking about how the coronavirus pandemic caused them to cancel all their plans after the release of her recent album “Folklore” in which her boyfriend helped with the writing if the song. Taylor also told that “I had scheduled so many things during this summer but unfortunately I had to terminate everything”.

Joe and Taylor started feeling for each other in the year 2017 and now after almost three years of their relationship they have started talking bout their love life openly, . they gave also talked about getting married soon and they are also excited about starting their own family. The love that both of them share and the bonding is amazing and rare. Taylor has also said that Joe gets up very well with her family members as well and the couple has understood that they are made for each other.

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