Kanye West’s Nomination Paper For Wisconsin Polls Faces Several Challenges 

The nomination paper of Rapper Kanye West in presidential ballot of Wisconsin has been challenged by more than one people. The rapper wants to fight Wisconsin’s presidential elections as a third-party candidate and therefore has filed nominations for the same. 

A challenge was filed against the nomination paper in the Wisconsin Election Commission claiming that it was not submitted timely. It also said that Kenye’s residency is not properly mentioned in the nomination papers and signatures are illegible. 

This challenge has been filed by a person named Joseph R. Santeler, whose identity is not clear. Another challenge was filed by more than one people who claimed themselves to be voters of Wisconsin. 

Former general counsel for Wisconsin Republican Party Lane Ruhland had dropped Kanye’s nomination off. Though the world famous rapper has already campaigned strongly against Joe Biden and the republicans are helping and supporting him in all possible ways to make him win. 

In these circumstances, democrats have complained that the Republicans are doing this intentionally in several states. They are trying to snatch the votes of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. In 2016, President Donald Trump did not achieve a win with huge margins in Wisconsin. So, this state is going to be a key factor in the elections.

The presidential election of Wisconsin is scheduled for 3rd November, 2020 and all the 50 states of USA will go through the elections along with District of Columbia. Wisconsin has 8 seats in the US House of Representatives and polling will be conducted for all of them. Electoral college voting will also be held to choose ten representatives to participate in selecting the US President.

On the Other Hand, West, determined to enter active politics, tried for the ballot of the Illinois state too. There also he fell short of 1300 signatures and couldn’t make it for the presidential elections.         

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