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First Pic Of Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner After Becoming Parents, Obviously It’s Impeccable

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner welcomed their baby girl Willa on July 22. They were so busy enjoying their parenthood that from the day Willa came to their life Joe and Sophie didn’t have any activity on social media or on any other public platform.

Recently, Joe shared the first picture after their baby girl’s arrival in this world and the picture is obviously flawless and mind-blowing. Most importantly, it is very relevant to the present time.

The selfie shared by Joe shows them wearing white t-shirts. They used a filter that Instagram has which is a false cover of the popular Vogue magazine. Using fake Vogue cover of August 2020, Joe and Sophie’s selfie is a very stylish one. But, the photo has a message to. It’s a message to be safe in order to prevent the recent pandemic. The message is to wear a mask always and never forget it. In the photo, it is written, ‘WEAR A MASK. THATS THE TEA.’

The couple has been very cautious about the pandemic from the beginning and has made their fans aware too. They have used social media to do this. A CrowdFunder link for PPE by Masks for NHS Heroes would be seen in Sophie Turner’s Instagram bio.

Now the fans are waiting when Sophie and Joe would share a glimpse of their tiny princess.

In the month of April, Turner talked about being in quarantine with Jonas in California, informing Conan O’Brien that “everything appears to be working in my favor”.

“Everything seems to be working in my favor here as Joe’s a real social butterfly so I struggle to lock him down and have him just spend time with me so it’s like a prison for him [being in quarantine], but it’s great for me,” she told the host.

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