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Meghan Markle Thanks Fan For Raising Fund On Her Name To Educate Girls In Rural Africa

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Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has personally called the fan and said thanks to the fan who has set up a campaign to raise funds in her name. The aim of raising this fund is to help girls of rural Africa get an education. The charity named CAMFED, the Campaign for Female Education has been donated 80,000 dollars so far from the fund on Meghan’s name.

Meghan is currently staying in Los Angeles with husband Prince Harry and son Archie. She is a passionate advocate of this charitable work CAMFED. CAMFED believes in the theory of removing poverty and inequality by proper education to all, especially backward girls who don’t get a chance often. The recent campaign was raised via social media and there were thousands of active participation.

Meghan was overwhelmed that something like that was happening on her name. So she called to thank the Twitter user @freepeeper who had initiated all this. The user from the USA herself shared the news of Meghan’s call on Twitter with joyfulness. She said that she couldn’t actually believe it. “First, I heard from Harry & Meghan’s squad. They contacted me to show gratitude supporters for the @Camfed birthday fundraiser”, the girl added excitedly.

She also said it was enough for her that Meghan personally showed her gratitude and praised her. Meghan also took details of the campaign from her. The girl was amazed by the way the Duchess talked.

“She said their squad got to know about the fundraiser and flagged it for her. She and Harry were very touched. She asked me to send a big ‘Thank you’ to everyone,” they stated. Adding, “I told her that they have full support out there. She acknowledged me. She stated she felt it.”

Both Prince & his wife have been big supporters of Camfed comprising an official visit by the Duke of Sussex in 2019 where he was joined by Meghan via the web.

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