Halo Infinite Faces COVID Impacts and is pushed to 2021 for Release

Halo Infinite is going to be released later and this delay has been till 2021. Yes, it is a painful thing for the fans that had been waiting for the same. Now, they will have to wait till 2021. As per 343 Industries Studio, the delay can be credited to the pandemic situation and hence because most of the employees are working for home, the developers are not able to give in their cent percent. That’s the reason why this flagship game has faced a considerable delay. As per the company game production is not at all a little task. It requires a huge number of people, developers and the associates coming together and working towards the goal.

It was initially expected that Microsoft will release halo Infinite alongside Xbox Series X Console.  In fact, the association of Microsoft was strong with 343 Industries over this matter and these were supposed to launch in November 2020. But this didn’t happen because the makers do not want to compromise over the game at all. They want this game to have a perfect final and finishing touch. 

So, now since the launch of Halo infinite is delayed, 343 Industries will get ample of time to work upon the game with a perfect presentation. As soon as this announcement was made, Microsoft stock declined a bit because the announcement that was made had created a bit of disappointment among the fans.

In one of the Tweets from 343 industries Studio, taking hurried steps and releasing the game by the end of 2020 amidst the holidays is not a good idea for the staff members who are working over it. Due to COVID related impacts, the company wants to stay safe and push the game release to 2021.

It is not yet clear that when will the game be released in 2021. We have to wait till any further announcement in relation to release date comes on this! 


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