Surpassing Tesla Model S, Lucid Air Will Run With 517 Mile Range Per Charge

Lucid Air is coming with a 517 mile EV. This electric sedan will beat Tesla Model S. Till date this Air electric sedan is in high demand with 400 miles of range per charge. On a single charge, the speed of Lucid is astounding in the world of electric cars. Till Lucid is not available to the customers, Tesla Model S will remain on the top with a 402 mile EPA estimated range. But when Lucid will build the Air it will blow Tesla.

Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson said that a few years ago they revealed their alpha prototypes of the Lucid Air and promised over 400 miles of range which was just a reflection of their technology. Before the Lucid Motors got one billion dollars from the Saudi fund it was in a down condition. In 2016 Lucid Motors announced its forthcoming electric luxury sedan.

It is all set to release the model in 2018. But because of the financial struggle period of the company, it postponed. Finally, the dream is coming true. The concept taken in 2016 is coming up with a 517-mile speed. Lucid CEO said, “In the intervening phase, we have attained a series of hi-tech innovations, concluding in an unmatched degree of energy competence.”

CEO also gave the credit of Lucid to Air’s 900-volt electrical architecture and Atieva for the technology arm and battery support. The company has a plan to start the production of Lucid Air at its new factory in Arizona.

Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson stated that the company proposes to disclose the final edition of the vehicle by next month and the date decided by the firm is September 9. The company will start fabrication by the end of the year (2020). The company has huge expectations from the model. The hopes are set high because the vehicle has all the possibilities to be on top.

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