Taylor Swift No.1 Again, But New Chart Rule May Be A Blow To Her

Tailor Swift’s “Floklore” album makes her No.1 again. She has made it for the second consecutive week on the Billboard album chart. But she is not supposed to be gainer with the bundling rules of Billboard. This rule provides artists an opportunity to sell their albums along with merchandise or concert tickets. The rules are somewhat unclear. But Swift is the last person to be benefited by this chart rule.

These days new titles come out very frequently and is started streaming digitally and therefore it becomes tough to deliver the physical albums so fast when people order them. So artists offer a digital copy too along with the records and CDs. In the case of famous albums, it may take even months. So in this waiting period, the fans are sent a digital version to please them for some time.

Earlier it was a rule to send the first version. Albums like “Folklore” often need a digital copy, being not easily available otherwise. Fans had to register for purchase during the opening week of an album. But this rule has decreased the demand for physical albums and that’s why the rule has now been changed. Now digital versions will only be offered after the physical version is shipped.

This may prove to be a blow for Taylor Swift as collectible items gain appreciation later on. Billboard and Nielsen Music, the data supplier of the magazine, has counted a low sale of the complete package and higher streaming activities, in case of “Folklore”.

Taylor Alison Swift took birth on December 13 during the year 1989. Her home town was West Reading, Pennsylvania. When she turned 9, she got interested in musical theater and did performances in four Berks Youth Theatre Academy productions. Taylor also became a regular visitor to New York City to get her vocal as well as acting lessons.

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