What’s new in Apple WatchOS 7 Public beta | Step by step procedure to install the watchOS 7 Public Beta |

For the first time in market, in August 10, 2020, Apple has released a public beta version for their smartwatches. It allows us to experience the software before the final release. Here we see about, the watchOS 7 Public Beta for Apple watch and how to install in your smartwatch by step by step procedures along with the requirements to install.

Requirements to install WatchOS 7 beta in your Apple smartwatch:

Before getting into the public beta, you should install the iOS 14 public beta preview into your iPhone, in order to get the watchOS 7 beta software. It demands the phone with the latest beta software and follow the steps given in this article to install the watchOS 7 Public Beta in your smartwatch.

Who can install WatchOS 7 Public beta software:

It is only applicable for the Apple watch series of 3,4 and 5. If you have one of these models then you’re in correct place to know how to install the ‌watchOS 7‌ public beta.

What’s new in WatchOS 7 Public beta:

It comes with sleep tracking feature, updated fitness app which supports many movements it includes even dancing.

According with Sleep tracking, it allows you to set a bedtime, wake up alarm. It has a new Wind Down mode, it works with your iPhone to initiate snoozing notifications.

Moreover it support cycling directions, detecting hand washing with a timer.

Step by step procedure to install WatchOS 7 Public beta:

  • In your Apple iPhone, get into Apple Beta Software program website through a browser.
  • In the top right corner, tap the chevron and click sign in option.
  • Enter your respective Apple ID credentials.
  • Click the WatchOS, and scroll down to Get Started section and select enroll your Apple watch.
  • Click download profile and scrolling down.
  • Follow the instructions shown to install WatchOS 7 Public beta.
  • Click allow button to make a download in your iPhone.
  • Click the install button in the top right corner to initiate installation and type password if needed.
  • After reading instructions click install two more times.
  • If prompted click restart to restart your iPhone.
  • Launch the watch app in your iPhone.
  • Select general then click software update.
  • Then see WatchOS 7 available to download. Click download and install.

After some minutes, Apple smartwatch will restart and comes with the new watchOS public beta.

  • Once you updated you can’t again get back into WatchOS 6.

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