Almost All The Android Phones Are Now Likely To Avail Google Phone App Beta

Google phone app beta may now be compatible with almost every android phone. The stable version of the app will still remain exclusive for Android One and Pixel devices. Also, some features will be missing in other androids.

Google has developed the latest beta version of the Google phone app. This latest version is being said to be compatible with most of the android devices. The beta app was only for Android one and Pixel phones up to April this year. Earlier, the beta version of the Google Phone dialer app was made compatible with some of the non-Pixel phones by Google.

Now the latest beta version will work on the maximum of the androids. Though features like Call Screen have not yet been made compatible with non-Pixel smartphones. Besides, making calls with the app may be possible with this app on non-Pixels or phones except Android one devices. But receiving calls via this app may not be supported in all devices. The beta version for Pixel and Android One supports a feature called the nifty Duo button on the main screen. That also is not available for the other Androids.

Until now the beta version worked in selected phones of companies like ASUS, OPPO and LG.

One cannot get this app on Google play store to install, however. The user has to head over the Play Store listing manually and then sign up for the beta program.

The Google phone beta app has a simple yet intuitive interface. That is why it attracts users. But everyone can not afford Pixels or Android One. Also, the features that other devices provide are preferred more by some users. Google is aiming to serve all the categories and updating the beta app for almost all Android is a part of it.

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