Apple In Rift With Google, Microsoft And Facebook Over Cloud Gaming

It has always been a competitive situation among giant tech companies that dominate the world. The names are few, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. These four companies are leading the tech world. But news of conflicts and clashes between them comes out very often. Now it is gaming that the companies are taking on each other over.

Since the last few months, there had been a rift between Apple and Facebook over gaming. The Apple App Store didn’t allow Facebook’s mini-games section for its users. Facebook has been said to be trying hard to convince Apple to get its standalone Facebook gaming app onto App Store but that went in vain. At last, they had to remove the whole gameplay functionality.

But now the conflict of interest is getting broader, as Apple has got into a war with Google, Microsoft, and Facebook regarding their app policies. The three companies have objections against Apple regarding there app policies which are very restrictive. This conflict may have a negative impact on gamers who use iPhones and iPads.

As it is in the news that several tech establishments are intending to make their cloud gaming services go off the ground. The purpose is to allow users to play games anywhere on any device rather than stick to one console. The device may be a phone, tablet, or smart TV. Microsoft is already going all on xCloud.

It is going to be available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers from the very next month. Google also launched its version last year, which is named Stadia. But because of the Apple App Store restrictions, one can not download Stadia and xCloud in an Apple device.

Experts think that Apple is adamant to keep the focus on its in-house software and that’s why they won’t allow any relaxation to their app store policies.

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