Motorola All Set To Showcase Its Latest ‘Razr’ Successor On September 9

The Chicago based phone maker Motorola has all eyes fixed on them for September 9. They will reveal something unknown and new. The phone-making company has organized an event and has named it as “all set to flip the handset experience yet again.”

The company has already released a flip phone in the Razr model this year only. So now, the speculations are that Motorola may introduce another Razr model with 5G.

There have been other rumors too. It is also being said that there will be upgrades in specs to a Snapdragon 765, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage capacity, 48 MP rear camera, 20MP selfie camera, and a battery of 2845mAh.

Keeping the recent conditions in view, the event on 9th September will be held virtually.

The earlier Razr model could not impress all smartphone users and lovers who are experts on smartphone features. It lacks a top-tier processor( snapdragon 710), has only one main camera, the battery is not so powerful and the storage capacity is also not very high, compared to the latest smartphone models. Now if these rumors come true, there will be something to tell about the new Razr model.

The previous Razr model was introduced in January 2020. It was a foldable or flip phone costing 1500 dollars. The flip phone is being said to have advanced features that are available only in Samsung Galaxy Fold. Though the two have differences. The Motorola flip was small earlier and then came as a normal size phone. Samsung Galaxy Fold on the other hand was very heavy and now became like a tablet.

Motorola is a company that is serving the world’s market of telecommunications since 1928. The time period between 2007 to 2009 was a very bad patch for them and after that, they were divided into two independent companies, Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions.

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