New Real Life Airports Displayed In Upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the longest-running PC game series we all simulator video games would have ever seen. With it’s 2020 version set to release by next week, we are set to expect a next of level real-life aviation place like airports just as we see in our very own life.

The latest trailer has given us the true glimpse of new real-life like airports being displayed in the upcoming flight simulator video game which is slated to release on 18th August 2020. It will be available exclusively for Windows, Xbox One, and Mac OS.

The official trailer of this cult classic flight simulator is 4 minutes 34 seconds in length. Going into the frame per frame of this thrilling trailer we can the beautiful scenes of airports covering from the United Kingdom till the down under New Zealand. With real life-like airports, we can imagine flying a flight on our own.

Obviously playing it on 4K display mode is really a delight but just make sure your computer takes up a load of meeting at least the minimum specs requirement so that without any hassle stimulation gaming can be enjoyed.

Although there are certain which might make you disappointed as they go missing as compared to the earlier editions. In the background, it is displayed that there a group of “Deluxe” plus “Premium Deluxe” planes that were not there in the previous versions.

The top layer of the airports has used trilinear depth motion which is a plus to this game but again was not there in the earlier ones. Rest seems to be fine with the game as always and with 5 days to go the whole simulation gaming community awaits for the arrival of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

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