Chrome Is Thinking Of Changes To Ensure Cyber Security

Google Chrome is thinking of using domain name only as URL, instead of showing the full URL. They are doing so in an effort to ensure tighter cybersecurity. They are considering using domain names only to protect the users from scams and phishing attacks that are made using misleading URLs. The users of Chrome 86, which is going to be its latest version, will see the domain only URLs as a test.

Url is the basic form of website protection. The URL in the address bar makes it evident which page of which website the user is accessing. That is the reason users get access to hackers easily. Generally, the scammers and hackers create fake URLs and make it look like the original ones. They often add or remove a letter to change the original URL of popular websites or pages. For example, they can use an extra ‘t’ in the URL of twitter and make a face page or website. Most of the users don’t observe the URL carefully and just log in.

Another way is creating an odd and unknown URL address. Users won’t be able to doubt as all address bars generally show full URLs. Users just provide their information and credentials being unaware of the site’s authenticity. So these are the ways the hackers and scammers attack or hack the users.

The initiative is taken by Chrome is to show the domain name in the URL only and nothing else for all pages. It will make the address bar clearly visible and chances would be lower than users ignore spelling mistakes in the URL or anything doubtful. For example, every page in Facebook is showing ‘’ in the address bar only. Now if a page suddenly shows or something like that, the user is supposed to doubt that something is wrong. This is what Chrome is trying to ensure to protect their users.

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