J.LO Dances Cutely In Her Kitchen; Fans Just Love Her Six Packs

Jennifer Lopez is in a different mood these days. The latest video shared by Alex Rodriguez on Instagram shows J.Lo doing adorable things.

The video shows Jennifer cooking for her family and dancing. The video catches the camera close to the pan from where the bubbles are coming out. It is evident that whatever is being cooked is tasty enough. While watching the video one can almost smell the delicious dish. Apart from that, it is the mood of the chef that is to be noticed.

Jennifer Lopez seems very happy in the video as a song is playing in the background and she is spinning around with the beats of the music. The caption of the video says it all, “This is how we cook in our kitchen. #WorldOfDance ”

Alex Rodriguez, J.LO’s fiancé was the person to catch the right mood to capture and share for the fans. The video ended with “dinner time”, as it was announced before switching the camera off.

In her crop top and sweat pants, Jennifer, who will be judging the performances in the show World Of Dance in its fourth season, looks attractive as ever. A portion of her bare belly is being seen in the video and when she moves with the song gracefully, her six-pack abs are visible. It is known to the fans how hard Jennifer Lopez gets herself trained in the gym. Her gym trainer once shared details of the physical workout Jennifer Lopez goes through.

To add to the perfect atmosphere, the video shows a glass of wine in the kitchen too. Though the last three marriages didn’t work out, JLo seems to live happily with Alex at the present.

Rodriguez and JLo are together from the year 2017. Recently, they shared photos with their new pet.

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