Keeping Up With The Kardashians Teaser: Kylie Jenner Shouts Back At Her Mother While Taking Shots

A teaser of Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been released recently for its 18th season. The teaser is of course an interesting one. The second half of the season will be telecast from September.

The location in the shared video is the family’s Palm Springs home. The scene is that Kylie Jenner and Corey Gamble are in the kitchen. They are taking shots. In the clip, Kris Jenner is sitting on a sofa. From the colorful jacket she wore, it is clear that she is ready to go out.

But Kylie doesn’t yet seem to be interested in going out so soon. She is seen in no hurry. While the video starts with Khloe dancing, looking gorgeous in her catsuit of leopard print, high heels, and toned figure. Then it shows Kylie moving towards the Kitchen, looking beautiful in her strapless brown dress.

Then she and Corey, who is cool and casual in shorts, are seen ready to take their shots of hard drinks. It is at this time when Kris is clearly irritated on the two as they are not heading for their dinner appointment despite the time is going out and she repeatedly screams at them.

Both Kylie and Corey tried to tell Kris that they are taking shots and want to do no hurry. Corey says they are the people who like to float with life. He also tells Kylie to relax. In between Kylie and Khloe have an argument over drinking.

Amid all this Kris seems to be agitated more and calls Kylie and Corey loudly by their name and tells them to go. Kylie now gets angry with her mother, as the video shows. Before taking the shot she shouts loud at her mother uttering indecent words.

Kris later shouts at Kylie, ‘They boast of a bar at the eatery’ and Kylie yells back, ‘she doesn’t care!’ After that, the makeup dynast toasts Kris’ boyfriend Corey and says, ‘To Kris!’

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