Project Power All Set to Release the Magic Pill: Are you going to take one?

Project Power is all set to make a debut on 14th August, 2020 on no other platform but Netflix. So, here’s the review that will help you to determine if it belongs to the domain that you like or not. The makers Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman initially directed a popular film Catfish. Then they just entered into the scary world through Paranormal Activity. Now, they feel being a super human would be the most in demand trend. So, these film makers came up with the movie Project Power. Taking a magic pill can enhance the power and make a human a super human. This is the plot of the film.

The power pill can provide the characteristics like invisibility, flexibility, invulnerability and thermodynamics. These pills were sold by the dealers and then there was a tremendous rise in cases of criminals and most of them were super hero criminals.

This movie is supposed to be a prospective Netflix hit and this action thriller is the one fans had been waiting for.  Here’s something more you would want to know about the so called power pill. It is a tablet which is in capsule form and like the shape and size of a bulb. Once a person would ingest it there will be structural changes in DNA and within 5 minutes there would be super hero capabilities within the human.

The special effects are cool and the acting talents are great. So, friends, do you have plans to hook to your sets? Are you desperately looking forward for this release? Well, if yes, then you will surely enjoy the power. 

This movie however might have mixed reviews because if you are a super her fan then the negative impact of the super powers might be something you would like to shun away. So, watch the flick and do say how you felt!

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