Google’s New Feature For Travel Lovers; Know Where To Go In New Normal

Every season has its own charm. To enjoy a season, nothing is more perfect than going out on a trip. People who love to travel just do the same whenever they get a scope. There is no lack of diversified places, be it in India or in foreign countries. But situations are not normal at all these days. The pandemic has closed those traveling options. For last few months, the way coronavirus has rapidly spread and people got panicked, there was no option other than staying home.

Going out of home, coming in direct contact with people, and gathering anywhere were all prohibited. This has obviously disappointed the travelers and most importantly the tourism industry has faced a huge loss. Now the new normal has to be maintained in every aspect of life.

So if the travel lovers wish to make a trip now they have to maintain a number of safety norms. At the same time, the organizations related to tourism will also have to plan accordingly to provide safety to the tourists.

Now Google has come up to help both. Google’s map service is now providing details on which places are closed due to COVID-19 and it has been started a few days back. Now Google also takes an initiative to guide people on hotels and flights too.

The new Google features included in its Maps, Search and Travel options will show which flights are available, which hotels are open and safe to check-in, and most importantly whether they have cancellation facilities.

As we are living a life of uncertainties these days, even a planned trip may have to be canceled anytime. The Google feature will help find hotels that offer free cancellation or refund on cancellation. The facilities will be available for both domestic and international flights and one can take Google’s help while traveling to any city and country.

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