Gamers Can Now Download Call Of Duty Mobile Season 9 Now With More New Features

Call of Duty is one of the most favorite games for game lovers. Season 9 of the mobile version of Call of Duty is available for download. To add to the gamers’ cheerfulness, the latest season has a wide range of new and attractive features. It has new game modes and contents, improved features, and bug fixes. Both iOs and Android mobile users can download the COD season 9. The main attraction is the shipment 1944 map that is included in the latest season.

To play the game’s new season, the user has to update the game app from Google Play Store. Updating will consume data of more than 1GB. But updating the app is not enough to avail the new features unless additional in-app downloads are made.

One of the most attractive features of Call of Duty mobile season 9 is the shipment 1944 map. Dominion, Death of Match, Hardpoint, Ultra Rapid Fire, Free-for-all, Gunfight, 1v1, Kill Confirmed are also amongst the modes that the new map supports.

The new version of the game also offers new features regarding the personalizing of weapons. There are several attachments provided to choose from for making the weapons match your needs. Weapons format has also been modified a bit. Blueprints for Epic and Legendary weapons, camo for uncommon and rare weapons are such modifications. The gamer can use sticker, charm, grindable camo, and reticle too for a weapon.

COD mobile will also have a ranked match series and will introduce the Bomber frame, Tengu- Undead Crusade soldier, and QQ9- Eye Candy epic blueprint. 10v10 can now be played even when multiple players are playing and for a long time also. The Battle Royale players will be very happy to get four news areas in the extended map. There will be Shield Turret Scorestreak at tier 14 to blast enemies and Kilo Bolt-Action at tier 21 for a one-shot kill.

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