James Wan’s ‘Malignant’ Is Brave & Genre-Bending, Says Actress Annabelle Wallis

The new horror movie ‘Malignant’ directed by James Wan was scheduled to release on 14th August this year. Because of the pandemic and lockdown, the Hollywood film industry to has suffered a lot like others. Amid these changed situations, the opening of cinema halls is uncertain and so is the future of yet to be released movies.

As per sources ‘Malignant’ was temporarily removed from the release schedule. At this time, the actress of the movie Annabelle Wallis has shared her thoughts about the movie in an interview.

“I contemplate it’s genre-bending. I contemplate it’s so courageous. It’s so unique. I just haven’t recited anything like that”, stated Wallis.

Annabelle, The Mummy, and Annabelle star said her career and lifer were not at the point where she could be brave but still she went for the movie. The reason she stated was that the audience will appreciate the film very much for its thought and content. According to Annabelle ‘Malignant’ is the passion project of James Wan.

The plot of the film is yet not revealed by the actress or the director. But Annabelle Wallis is quite excited about the movie and she considers it to be good cinema with good art. Another movie of Annabelle has been released on 14th August named ‘The Silencing’.

The sources have only been able to know that it is an original thriller and belongs to Giallo sub-genre. It is based on a story or graphic novel by James Wan himself and Ingrid Bisu. A screenplay by JT Petty and Akela Cooper was directed by James Wan.

Apart from Anabelle Wallis, the film also includes Maddie Hasson, Jake Abel, Mckenna Grace, Ingrid Bisu, George Young, and others. The movie is distributed by Warner Bros Pictures. Anabelle is super excited about the plot of the film and has high hopes from the same.

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