Know Release Date Of Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy Season 2 On Netflix

Netflix has been coming with some amazing animation series that almost every section
of the audience can watch, No matter If you are a pro or even a rookie to
binge-watching. So here is the latest news about upcoming animation series Spirit
Riding Free season 2. Season 2 is titled “Riding Academy”. Here are the details
regarding this amazing animated series coming to Netflix.

The release date of Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy Season on Netflix is targeted for
September 2020. This is the second season of Dreamworks Animation production to
be added to the show list on Netflix.

While there is no official release date for the second season of Spirit Riding Free but
sources have revealed that it might around 10th to 15th of September this year. The
first season of this animation series released worldwide on 23rd April 2020 after which
the call for its second season as it gained critical as well as commercial success with
good word of mouth adding to kitties.

Now Dreamworks Animation production has intended to make a full-length feature
movie on the same animation and If it also succeeds just like the series then we might
see a movie franchise of Spirit Riding Free.

Plot Summary

Spirit Riding Free is the story of a wild mustang who lures in the wild forests
throughout the seasons. It could not be tamed that’s why isolation was in its fortune.
As the adventure-based journey begins up It is able to find a girl named Lucky who is
just as brave as it is. Being together they wander the forests to discover hidden
challenges and test their skill limits. They find no end to the fun-loving and magical
world filled with horses and other fauna and fauna.


Amber Frank as Lucky
Sydney Park as Pru Granger
Duncan Joiner as Snips Stone
Bailey Gambertoglio as Abigail Stone

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