Filipino Singer Amazes Jury By Singing Better Than Beyonce Knowles

A young Filipino singer has really impressed the judges with her singing on the show X Factor Australia. Mary Ann, the singer has sung a Beyonce cover on X Factor and the singing has been considered by the judges of the show to be even better than Beyonce’s herself. Mary has shared with the judges that she is singing from the age of 10 and from the age of 18 she started to perform in countries of Europe and Asia. She told that music is her only passion.

Mary Ann looked nervous when she was about to perform Halo by Beyonce first. But she was excited and confident too. In the end, Mary sang Beyonce’s cover on X-Factor. The four judges were forced to give her a standing ovation. They commented with words like ‘spectacular’ and ‘brilliant’ and the audience was also overwhelmed. Mary informed about herself that Beyonce, Whitney Houston, and Tina Arena are her inspirations. ‘Deep Down’ is her latest release, composed by multi-award winner Anirban Jee. It is based on a woman’s passion and what goes through deep down her mind.

There is another side of Mary’s story that she shared with the judges. She said that her husband is not willing to let her sing but she thinks he likes her voice without letting her know. But coming to the audition was not easy for her. The 28-year-old singing talent shared that she met her 22-year-old husband via Facebook and afterward she moved to Australia to live with him.

She decided to take a chance and audition for the show anyhow. Mary Ann also told a funny tale of how she met her life partner. She also shared all the fun related to it. The viewers and judges were in splits. The singer has lastly put an impression on the judges.

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