Jensen Ackles Is The Original Superhero In ‘The Boys Season 3’

Actor Jensen Ackles who got famous in every household thanks to the Supernatural series is set to embark in a new acting role. He is all set to be the original superhero in the much-awaited third season of’ “The Boys” series. He was already in talks with the production after season 2 had finished with amptic success.

After spending total 15 seasons as the protagonist Dean Winchester who is the ultimate half of demon hunting duo which serves justice in the Netherland Twist.

Befoe the success of Supernatural series he was part of Smallville, Days of Our Lives and Demon’s creek. Each show a gem in itself where the audience was dumbstruck towards the magical acting.

Supernatural has been the turning point for Ackles which made him a household success. While It will run later on after being halted due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and in the meanwhile Ackles will try to give something.

That is the very reason he has opted to appear in The Boys series which released on Amazon Prime exclusively and was declared one of the hightest rated releases last year.

Let’s brief you on “The Boys” series. It is based on the comic book series of the same name created by Garth Ennis. It is about the group of money seeking vigilance groups who try to take down the once superhero now corrupted villains team. They are powered by the evil corporation Vought which seeks to take over the world. \

The second season is set to premiere next month but the third season has already been announced and with   Jensen Ackles  being the original superhero this time, the fans will get to see a new scenario which will take them to the edge of their seats for sure. He would be the soldier boy and Amazon Prime has already announced it yesterday on social media with Ackles also putting a video on it. Fans are excited to see their new hero!

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