Reason Behind Darth Maul’s Voice With Every Appearance

Actor Sam Witwer has revealed a very close secret about which we had no clue even. He has now shown why his character Darth Maul’s voice from Stat Wars series changes with a new appearance now and then.

Before that, you need to remember that he is not the original one to play this character in The Phantom Menace as Peter Seranafinozwicz was the one who gave his voice and the stunts were done by a body double.

Writer’s impactful and robust voice delivery has made these characters one of the most demanding and famous in the whole series. With a fantastic design framework and top-class lightsaber duel battle in cinematic form has been a treat to watch and his character was perfect in every frame thanks to the editing which polished every bit of it.

We can see Maul’s character meeting death, but it was only momentous as he is again back to life to fight off these Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Chinn for good. Now in every part, the change in voice occurs as the actor’s changes plus Maul’s appearance, age, the intensity, scene type also changes.

As per the actor himself, the more Maul tries to change himself more time; he has to become colourful and show off his different shades which appeal to the audience.

With every showdown with his foe Obi-Wan Maul’s character played by Sam Witwer becomes more generic, heavy and toxic in some senses when the fight is till the last breath. With new role coming into the fold of the universe and new territories being chased down, Maul’s character is there till fans want it and a Star Wars fan himself Sam Witwer is always ready to play down the role on any given scene.

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