Say GoodBye To These 4 Google Assistant Features Today

Google Assistant may be one of the popular virtual assistants in the tech world thanks to the commonality of android OS system plus the pre-installed presence of it. Today you should take note of these 5 features of Google Assistant and get rid of them by disabling for your own good.

It has nothing to do with your privacy concerns or full consumer usage, If you prefer safety and simplicity then these 5 features have to go. Check out the list to understand better and take the required action then.

  1. Disable Video Recording Settings

Starting off with video recording settings about which Google announced way back. It is important to disable it that the Google Assistant is not able to save your audio and video recordings and share them with it’s human analyzer team but you may select the option of Google letting it save or you can delete it manually.

  1. Disable Continued Conversation

If you did not know about this feature then you are not at fault. This Disable Continued Conversation allows Google to listen to the question without us having to say “Hello Google”. Disabling this feature helps in maintaining privacy when you do not ask questions from Google but from another person.

  1. Disable “Hey Google” Sensitivity

“Hey Google” is the opening statement which allows the virtual assistant to be active for use. If you activate your Google Home speakers or devices by default then you need to lower the sensitivity level so that it does not take every word as “wake word” and do not respond to active use every time you utter a word.

  1. Disable Camera Settings

When you are not making any video call through your Google powered devices then you need or wish to disable camera settings. An indicator light shows off the status of camera but there’s still an option to disable it. So you need not remember to switch it on and off manually.

So all in all these selective features are no good for you today and as an active user you should say goodbye them from Google Assistant for good

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