Top 5 Apps In 2020 To Empower Phone Security Plus Privacy

The year 2020 has been a turn around year for every mobile user. With daily updates popping up in the hardware and software sphere the matter of security plus privacy becomes a top priority for every Android and iOS user.

Here are the top 5 apps you need to install in your dedicated smartphones in order to empower your phone’s security and privacy.

  1. Access Dots

Access Dots tops our list with its on-screen alert feature if any app is trying to use your mic or camera whether directly or indirectly. By using this app you can check up an indicator in status bar If any app has toggled on your camera or mic without prior permission access. You can have the free version or extended premium features version for both Android and iOS.

  1. GlassWire

This app keeps a close glassed eye on your data usage without any hindrance. In terms of downloads and uploads, the apps which use up most of your data can be seen in the monitoring panel. If you worry about your data plan or Wi-Fi data usage then the in-built firewall of this app also helps in limiting the app activities so that data usage is not wronged. Available on Android and iOS.

  1. Norton App Lock

PC brand Norton has now made up it”s mark on smartphone circuit with it’s passcode lock app when it is shared with any other person or group by locking the storage part of your smartphone. It’s very simple, easy and free to use with it’s PINs, password lock-unlock system for locking apps.

  1. Fing

Fing is your friendly app which enables the network security framework by telling if any other network is using up your data at any given moment. It can be from broadband to another mobile network. Not only this, It can help in finding any hidden camera, check web speeds and notify network issues.

  1. Firefox Focus

Security is focused thanks to Firefox Focus where in the form of a browser a secure and private browsing session is guaranteed. It starts with blocking ads and trackers in default mode. By it you can have a secure, fast and untraced web surfing session. It’s trash icon is the main thing which allows you to quickly delete browsing history and stored passwords.

This is the list for now and do make sure to check them out and make your smartphone’s security and privacy maintained.

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