‘This Is Us” To Take On Coronavirus Pandemic In Its 5th Season

Not a single aspect of our life is free from the impact of coronavirus pandemic. So it will not be something very surprising if any television show or web series or film takes on this pandemic as a subject. This is just what the popular NBC sitcom ‘This Is Us’ is going to do for its fifth season. Dan Fogelman, the creator of the show has himself confirmed it. “Yes on Covid,” tweeted Fogelman.

The fans are very excited about the show and they keep asking the makers of the show things about the seasons to come. Fogelman’s tweet came in reply to such a fan’s query. He said he is proud of ‘This Is Us’ writers that have incorporated the pandemic in the script very efficiently as the track and the ending will have nothing to be changed. Fogelman himself is a part of the scriptwriter’s team as well.

Despite the fact that the show makers have decided how season 5 will go on, the wait of the fans is not to end so soon. Program creator Dan Fogelman informed in one of his tweets that the production for the new season hasn’t started yet. In fact, no dates have been fixed for resuming the work for season 5 or for the show to go on air.

‘This Is Us’ is mainly a story of two parents and the three children they have. The story projects family drama in different time frames.

Fogelman added that there is no set date as to when fabrication on the 5th term will get a start or when novel chapters of the family play will make a comeback.

He added in spite of the present proceedings, the show is on the right track and will boast of the “similar planned culmination”. Other shows, which will discover the pandemic during their upcoming terms comprise Grey’s Anatomy, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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