Whatsapp Chat in April between Sushant Singh Rajput and Disha Salian: The New Twist in the Case

A lot of twist and turns come up every day in Sushant Singh Rajput death case. A few sources had initially claimed that Sushant and Disha Salian did not know each other pretty well, but the WhatsApp chat that came up reveals something different. 

As per the WhatsApp chat between Sushant Singh Rajput and his former manager Disha Salian they were in touch with another till April. There seems to be a connection between SSR and Disha because there’s just a week gap in between their respective deaths.

The reports suggest that even though there was no such friendship between them, the WhatsApp chat was basically in relation to the works that she brought for Sushant. Like, she wanted Sushant to work for an edible oil brand in one of the advertisements and SSR had asked for more details over that project. Then later, she also had a word with Sushant about a digital campaign of PUBG. For that too Sushant had asked for more details.

But through these work discussions it is clear that both of them knew each other well in terms of their professional lives. Disha’s father had said in one of his interviews that Disha had made SSR only once. 

Disha’s death occurred on 8th of June and SSR died on 14th of June. Both of them were said to have performed suicide. Such coincidences rarely happen and hence, there’s something that is connected between both their deaths. 

The league to support Sushant has become much wider now and people really are looking forward for justice. Thus, the fans have been Tweeting even on Twitter that CBI for Sushant is an important step to find the truth and come up with the apt justice. People want to know the truth and hence there seems to be no looking back now.

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