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Chromebooks to Receive Nvidia’s Cloud Gaming Service GE Force: An Affordable Alternative to Stadia

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If you are a Chromebook user, then you will surely start feeling lucky. You can now play the game on your Chromebook just like you played on your PC. Yes, GE Force which is Nvidia’s free cloud gaming service is now available for Chromebooks also just like it was available for PC.  

Initially, the case was that people had to buy any extra hardware. But now there is no need to do so. You can get access to the fantastic game on Android and iOS devices also. Nvidia’s GE Force now has the option to be streamed on Smartphones, laptops and even Chromebooks too now.

The news about GE Force cloud gaming service enhancing its platform even to Chromebooks came up, and people who own this device were excited. Also though at this point, this is a beta launch, there has been a good response from the students. This is because the students generally have Chromebooks, and when the gaming service extended to these devices would mean that the game is now targeting the students too. So, its surely going to be a fun time for them.

A stadia is an expensive option, and so the students who can’t afford that can rely on this affordable cloud gaming service option. For Chromebook users, there are a few important requirements, and they include:

  • Intel Core M3 or Intel core i5 or Intel Core i7
  • Intel HD graphics 600 or better option
  • 4GB memory or better option

If you wish to give it a try, then you can just opt for this particular link. Create a user account and check how the games feel like. 

So friends, are you excited to welcome the new cloud gaming platform for Chromebooks? If yes, do you think that it’s going to make the teachers and parents a bit unhappy because the students would love to stay hooked on their Chromebooks?

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