Google Chrome Will Now Features “Fast Page”, To Access High Quality Web Pages Easily

Google Chrome is taking a number of initiatives to provide better and secured service to its users. A few changes are into considerations. Among those one is to update the Chrome to show some particular pages as “fast page”.

Certain pages that are considered good in terms of user experience will be tagged as “fast page” and will be highlighted when the user uses Google Chrome to search for something on internet. A high quality user experience, according to Google, is meeting all the metrics thresholds for Core Web Vitals. Google is incorporating the facility in Chrome 85 Beta version for Android users.

When this criteria is met, a user can see “fast page” option. For this they have to long press on any link in the Chrome browser of Android mobiles.

The “fast page” label will help the users to know if the page they are going to visit is fast, stable and responsive or not.

According to the authorities, Chrome will guide the users to know which pages can give them better user experience. Chrome for Android has the link context menu. The fast links can be accessed from that menu. Chrome will survey from the URLs which pages have served well so far and serves other users fast and best. Historical data will be collected by Chrome for that. After an evaluation based on the users’ history, the “fast page” labeling will be done. In the final Chrome 85 version, the user has to keep “Make searches and browsing better” or Lite mode on to avail the facility, when it is included in that version by Google.

These “fast page” tags will be comprised in the beta form of Chrome 85, however if devs actually wish to see it functioning before then, Google has directions on how to permit the feature.

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